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EarthshipsFive and half hours of an in-depth Earthship presentation by Michael Reynolds from the September 2009 Seminar.


This is a distillation of 40 years of research and development into sustainable building methods. Includes Q&A with seminar attendees.

Looking at:

Solar/thermal dynamics: How to heat and cool a building in any climate with no fossil fuels or utility bills. Thermal wrap, cooling tubes, operable skylights and vent boxes.

Rammed Earth Tire Construction: How to build structural walls using discarded automobile tires. Tires rammed with earth form the load bearing walls for the roof as well as providing the thermal mass to stabilize temperature.

Types of Earthship Designs: The evolution of the Earthship over the past few decades. Packaged, Modular, Hybrid, Custom and Global Earthship Designs.

Earthship Independent Power Systems: How to design down your power needs in an Earthship to make the system efficient and affordable. Explaination of the power systems in an Earthship, panels, batteries, lighting systems, the Power Organizing Module.

Earthship Integrated Water Systems: Earthship catch water, gray water and black water systems explained in great detail from the best roofing materials to use to the low flush gray water toilet to growing your own food inside your Earthship.



Producer: Earthship Biotecture



Earthship Seminar Part: 1 of 2



Earthship Seminar Part: 2 of 2