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Water HarvestingJoin Geoff Lawton as he designs and builds a dam and swale system on a client's small acre farm.

Every detail is covered as we watch Geoff and his students build a water harvesting system using the design principles of Permaculture.

You will learn and understand many advanced concepts:

  • Inspecting at the site with Geoff
  • Surveying and understanding contours and problem areas
  • Planning the site using laser and dumpy levels
  • Connecting swales to maximise Water Harvesting
  • Briefing excavator drivers and what to look for
  • Clearing the site, subsoils and problem areas
  • Establishing the dam keyways, waterline level and freeboard
  • Building the dam and how not to collapse it
  • Spillways and diversion channels
  • and much more





Host: Geoff Lawton




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