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AquacultureFishponds on a mountain farm: an unusual sight at these altitudes. On an Austrian mountain, permaculture farmer Sepp Holzer created more than 70 ponds and wetland areas covering about 3 hectares.


Sepp Holzer: "In these ponds and lakes the fish are mixed in a colourful way, just like my plants. In a number of places in the ponds I put roots and stones, about 4 to 5 metres deep. It is important that the fish can hide, so they are not being chased all the time. The predator fish can´t enter such a tangle of roots, so the small fry feel safe. If they are being followed all the time they would either die of stress or be eaten. The big fish, the predator, has to get through these roots, but the small ones are faster."

Sepp Holzer doesn't irrigate his plants - he prefers nature to do it for him: "If I irrigate, I have to fertilize, too. Irrigation washes out the soil´s nutrients. The nitrogen evaporates and all the other nutrients are washed into the ground water. And the plant is left behind without nutrients. Then I have to feed nutrients again, and then I have to irrigate again, that´s a vicious circle which will never stop. If I don´t irrigate, the plants use less water by folding their leaves a little, but they open up again when there is dew and rain. That´s natural."

Creator: Crystal Lake Video

Host: Sepp Holzer