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“A man’s ledger does not tell what he is, or what he is worth. Count what is in man, not what is on him, if you would know what he is worth, whether rich or poor.”
– Henry Ward Beecher

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Eco-engineers Dick Strawbridge and Jem Stansfield tackle Venice's polluted waterways by creating a solar powered ferry for tourists and an electric speed boat for the speed-hungry Venetians.


Invited by former Olympic sailor Alberto Sonino, Dick and Jem travel to Venice, Italy, to help save one of the world's most beautiful cities from the damaging effect of boat pollution.

With 40,000 boats commuting around Venice, exhaust from Europe's largest car-free zone mixes with water and creates an acid that is eroding away the historic buildings' precious facades.

With a stunning U.S. $30,000 boat provided by Alberto, Dick and Jem get to work on creating an electric-powered motor.

To power the engine using a clean power resource, Dick and Jem outfit the water taxi with solar panels that re-charge the motor's batteries.



Producer: National Geographic



Planet Mechanics - 5 - Electric Water Taxi