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To harness the Atlantic Ocean and generate power for a portable surf shack, dynamic mechnical duo and Eco-engineers Dick Strawbridge and Jem Stansfield, devise a huge wave energy converter. But will the device survive the ravages of the sea?


Dick and Jem go to County Clare, on the west coast of Ireland in an attempt to harness the power of the ocean waves.

It has been calculated that the sea around Ireland could contain enough wave energy to supply over eighteen times the country's entire electrical demand; however, the destructive nature of waves make them a difficult energy source to tap.

Taking on the Atlantic Ocean, Dick and Jem want to generate green electricity for Irish surfers Keith and Rosy who tour the coast looking for the best waves in their travel trailer, the 'surf shack'.

With a few days and some simple resources, Dick and Jem work with the surfers on a test project that will put the waves to work.

Using practical experiments and demonstrations, the Planet Mechanics devise a huge wave energy converter with some surplus sewer pipe and steel and bolt it to a concrete pier.



Producer: National Geographic



Planet Mechanics - 6 - Surf Power