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You all know that I have a candle obsession.... Yes, yes, yes.... I light them every day, every night... I adore the mood they set.


Homemade candles are something I've been creating for decades... such a wonderful way to make something truly personal and fabulous (I love giving them as gifts...) such a wonderful thing for every occasion!!

Now, you know me.... Like any other project that I have you join me for... I want to be sure that you SUCCEED!!! I'm all about demystifying complicated crafts and techniques and making them enjoyable and easy for you!

Chances are you already have most of the goodies needed.... Maybe just need to hop online to order some wax for melting... but the rest is probably already in your home... waiting for you!!!

Tracy Porter Best Homemade candle tips and ideas:

  • Use small containers and objects from your décor and pantry as vessels for the candles
  • Sprinkle herbs into the wax before the candles set
  • Embrace the drips... I prefer more.. as it looks artful!
  • Soy wax: eco-friendly and easy to use... also comes pre-shaved for easy meltability
  • A dot of hot glue keeps your wick in place -- so smart!
  • Use a clothespin to hold and balance your wick as your pouring your wax.... Nobody likes a crooked wick darlings!
  • Once your candles are cooled and set..... consider nestling into a clear cellophane bag and personalizing with a tag: instant gift!
  • Have a candle-making party. Your friends will love it; kids love it!

Embrace a new passion!!.... Candles!!!

Creator: Tracy Porter