Sharing Knowledge To Make A Better World...

Our Goal in this area is to enabling people to meet their family and community needs and requirements in an Economically and Environmentally Sustainable way. We are currently in the process of getting the Education and Qualifications required to be instructors in these areas:

  • Permaculture
  • Natural Construction Techniques
  • Renewable Energy
  • Bushcraft and Survival Skills
  • Sustainable and Traditional Living Skills
  • Health and Well-being
  • Ministry and Spiritual Studies
  • Martial Arts and Self Defense
  • Refinement

We will open an Eden Academy to provide opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills, teach, develop and research ancient and modern technologies to provide learning opportunities and solutions for a Economically and Environmentally Sustainable future. We will cover the subjects in our Focus Areas and related subjects.

These subjects are available for study at separate establishments but there is no place or organization of earth that covers all these subjects. We believe these are the fundamental skills and knowledge of life everyone should know.

The Order of Eden will provide learning opportunities and solutions for our Local, National and the Global community at an affordable rate. Profits raised by the Order of Eden will go into providing opportunities to those unable to make financial arrangements and our outreach projects.