Sharing Knowledge To Make A Better World...

The Order of Eden does not push any one religion or belief, we are not here to provide spiritual conversion services but rather the continuing search for spiritual understanding, enlightenment and truth in all things.


We believe in accepting all people's and their faith, weather we agree or not, we are all Human. There is truth to be found and lesson's to learn in all religions, belief systems and from all peoples.

We believe there is but one God, who is all combined and anything other than that is not a God but a being with curtain ability, that in itself is a part of the whole. Like the colors of the rainbow, we are all one.

When the member's of the Order of Eden provide Ministry to others it is in the form of  knowledge, skills and approaching the situation with open arms, hearts and minds. Focusing on what makes us all the same and how the difference in us all are like all the flowers in the meadow, bringing beauty and meaning to it all.

We will minister to spiritually by accepting everyone and promoting understanding for all, acknowledging their beliefs which will enable us all to act from the goodness of our hearts and get things done. We will also have an Online Chapel to discuss topics  related to Spirituality and Beliefs from around the world.

Through understanding and acknowledging the truth, will enable us to act where others find it difficult.