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The Eden Academy will be the Headquarters for the Order of Eden, it's aim is to provide Accommodation, Facilities and Resources to enable staff to offer products and services. Later we shall open other Academies around the world.


A large plot of land (between 150 Acres to 450 Hectares) to produce enough resources to allow us to be economically and environmentally sustainable. The
Grounds, Crops and further buildings along with the Labor and Resource requirements can meet during our courses as this will provide the many hands and
funds to enable tasks to be completed.


Once all needs have been met for Eden Academy, we will then reach out to provide and create opportunities to help to enable people to meet their family and community needs and requirements throughout the world, in an Economically and Environmentally Sustainable way. Natural Construction Methods, Permaculture Design and Renewable Energy shall be the foundation of all designs regarding Eden Academy, as our goal to become Economically and Environmentally Sustainable.

Eden Academy will include but limited to:

  • Fabrication Center
  • Eden Learning Center
  • Outdoor Training Areas
  • Food and Resource Production
  • Food and Resource Distribution and Storage
  • Student Living Quarters
  • Paladin Community Living Quarters
  • Community Facilities
  • Public Shop
  • Healing Center