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We are in need of financial assistance to achieve our objectives and appreciate any assistance you may provide.

This section covers the estimated costs for each stage at current market values, after completing Stage 7: Purchase “Cloud Runner” we will be Economically and Environmentally Sustainable. Therefore we should become financially independent and much more able to get things done.

We are currently in the process of completing Stages 1,2 and 3, completing what we can are resources are made available.

If you would like to help us with the costs involved in meeting our mission please visit the Donate link. If you wish to off Goods and Services that may aid us please Contact Us. We appreciated any contribution you may provide.

Fund-raising Target: $32,953,699
*subject to change without prior notice.


Estimated Forecast Cost Plan Summary



  • Stage 1: Setup Costs including Legal Costs, Operational Costs and Initial Fund raising projects.
    • Stage One Grand Total: $50,083
  • Stage 2: Training and Resource gathering and further Fund raising projects.
    • Stage Two Grand Total: $132,675
  • Stage 3: Training within USA and Canada
    • Stage Three Grand Total: $162,242
  • Stage 4: Training in Australia, China and Japan.
    • Stage Four Grand Total: $61,663
  • Stage 5: Training in Ireland, England, Austria, Italy.
    • Stage Five Grand Total: $31,648
  • Stage 6: Purchase land and build Eden Academy and Facilities.
    • Stage Six Grand Total: $21,757,138
      *Some of these costs maybe reduced by using natural construction techniques and resources.
  • Stage 7: Purchase “Cloud Runner” Aeroscraft.
    • Stage Seven Grand Total: $10,758,250
      *This estimation may be fall short of the actual price, in which case may require further fund-raising efforts.

All Above but No Land and No "Cloud Runner": $438,311
All Above but No "Cloud Runner": $22,195,449
All Above Grand Total: $32,953,699



*If you intent to make a large donation and wish to request a detailed estimated forecast cost plan, please Contact Us to discuss what we can achieve together.