Sharing Knowledge To Make A Better World...

"The enemy who is against the laws of nature will lose his battle before he begins to fight.The first priority to the ninja is to win without fighting."

- Soke Masaaki Hatsumi

Permaculture Research Institute of Australia


Ray Mears

Homestead Blessing

Biodynamic Education Centre

Our objectives are designed to met the mission of The Order of Eden. At each milestone we will increase many fold in our ability to meet the mission objectives.

  1. Setup Costs including Legal Costs, Operational Costs and Initial Fund raising.
  2. Training and Resource gathering and further fund raising.
  3. Training within USA and Canada.
  4. Training in Australia, China and Japan.
  5. Training in Ireland, England, Austria, Italy.
  6. Acquire land and build Eden Academy.
  7. Acquire “Cloud Runner” a Bulk Cargo Aeroscraft.
  8. Eden International Aid and Environmental Projects.


Further Goals and Objectives:

  • Open Further Eden Academies Worldwide.
  • Support International Aid Organizations and their Projects, with "Cloud Runner" and the Paladins.
  • Online Open Source Permaculture Database.
  • Online Chapel/Spiritual Study Group.
  • Collected Traditional and Survival Knowledge and Skills from around the World.
  • Find ways to remove and use the plastic in the Pacific and deplete the piles impact on the health of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Replanting depleted Wildlife Habitat's Projects around the World.
  • Collect Theology and Ancient Myths, Legends and Historical Information from around the World.
  • Create Seed Banks within Eden Academies around the World.
  • Remote Coastal and Water way cleanup expeditions.