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"The superior man is he who develops, in harmonius proportions, his moral, intellectual and physical nature. This should be the end at which men of all classes should aim, and it is this only which constitutes real greatness."
- Douglas Jerrold

Permaculture Research Institute of Australia


Ray Mears

Homestead Blessing

Biodynamic Education Centre

These are the people who have inspired Shannon Mc Dowell and Robert Currie II in the creation of The Order of Eden.


  • God
  • Jesus (Christ)
  • Mother Teresa (Saint)
  • Uriel (Saint)
  • Charles Benham (Bujinkan Shidoshi)
  • Richard and Linda Van Donk (Bujinkan Shihans)
  • Masaaki Hatsumi (Bujinkan Grand Master)
  • Dick Strawbridge (TV Presenter)
  • Bill Mollison (Permaculture Inventor)
  • Geoff Lawton (Permaculture Master)
  • Sepp Holzer (Permaculture Master)
  • Micheal Reynolds (Inventor of Earthships)
  • Nader Khalili (Earth Building)
  • Ron and Karen Hood (Bushcraft and Survival Masters)
  • Ray Mears (Bushcraft and Survival Master)
  • Les Stroud (Bushcraft and Survival Master)
  • Ty Pennington (Extreme Home Makeover)
  • Bono (U2)
  • Leonardo Da Vinci (Genius and Inventor)
  • Lt Colonel John Malcolm ‘Mad Jack’ Churchill
  • Micheal Jackson (Entertainer)
  • Brett and Kate McKay (Art of Manliness)